Monday, November 16, 2009

Week of November 9-15

The week started off normal. We didn't get Veteran's Day off, so I worked and Randall went to school. Then Randall went to work at Lon's Cooking Shack. I went on a Walmart run with my teacher friend (we were intending to go to a professional development meeting on art, but realized it was too much of a time commitment to get any credit for. So we decided to do our own professional development by buying pencils and teacher supplies.)

Other fun things this week: going to an enrichment morning for our ward. I successfully created one quilted Christmas ornament that took an hour and a half. Then I spent the rest of the time staple gunning fabric to a corkboard for a new bulletin board in our kitchen! I decided that enrichment is based around consoling one another ("Oh, it doesn't really look THAT bad. Look at mine!") and being even more humbled ("wow, is THAT what it is supposed to look like?")

I also felt crafty at home and made a real live centerpiece for my kitchen table made of leaves and real squash.

We have our Primary program coming up in a week and it was fun helping the kids say their lines. Not as fun was the hour and a half time block that we spent sitting in a chair. The 4 and 5 year olds were happy to stretch and get the scratch n' sniff stickers that I packed, just in case. They say the funniest things--- my favorite of the month so far (we were talking about what they knew about the temple):

"It has chandeliers inside, two of them!"

"Sealed means you aren't going to say something."

"It's a tank!" (when showed a picture of the baptismal font)

It's a nice balance to be teaching them and my 10 year olds in my fifth grade class.

New with Randall is that he is Vice President of his Engineering and Technology Start-up club (otherwise known as the "nerd club" in our apartment). He is really busy with it and is in the process of expanding the club and getting more people to join. He loves it.

Well, that's all for this week. Only one and a half weeks 'till Thanksgiving!

Quick updates on October:

Here is a list of some fun things that happened in our household and in the areas beyond:

-At the beginning of the month, the Wests came for conference and watched the BYU game with us!
-Then the next weekend, we got to go down to Las Vegas and see my parents and go to the BYU/UNLV game there!
-Randall took a lot of midterms and other tests, but is still hanging in there.

-We took a fishing trip, which is our new shared hobby, and I caught the prettiest one. :) But Randall is still the fishing master. Plus I still refuse to touch a worm.
-I got to enjoy Halloween festivities with my 5th grade class, including a party, literacy parade (which is what they call the costume parade), and treats!
-Then we spent our own Halloween with my mom and dad and Bridget in Disneyland and California Adventure! Best idea ever. They had everything decorated for Halloween, but it was so busy. We also carved pumpkins.

Great month! I love this season where there are so many holidays!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First attempt.

So I have a blog for my classroom, but always wanted one for myself. We'll see how it goes. The problem with my personal journal that I have is that I want to include everything so I never have time to catch up. This one I will try to keep with the moments that are happening now!